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Partners & Resources

Below are some of the organizations and groups that are working to improve ecological health and reduce the risk from high intensity fires in the North Bay region.

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Pepperwood Preserve Foundation is located just north of Santa Rosa's downtown in the Mayacamas mountain range.  A land easement, and science-based research organization - Pepperwood has championed many projects to understand the ecology of the land more, and is one of our valued partners.

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The Center for Law, Energy & the Environment (CLEE) channels the expertise and creativity of the Berkeley Law community into pragmatic policy solutions to environmental and energy challenges. 

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Sonoma Ecology Center works to address challenges related to water supply and quality, open space, rural character, biodiversity, energy, climate change, and a better quality of life for all residents.


Napa County Resource Conservation District (RCD) and the Sonoma County RCD both help local land-owners receive information pertinent to their work, and helps organize, prepare, and engage the community in the event of a wildfire. They both provide partnerships in conservation work around the county and are immensely involved in our work to better prepare for wildfire.

Gold Ridge RCD provides free, non-discriminatory assistance and educational opportunities to agricultural producers, land users, educators, and anyone with land-based resource conservation needs, on a strictly voluntary basis. Conservation projects may include: conservation education, soil erosion control, water quality enhancement, range management, vineyard soil health improvement, woodland, forestry and wildlife management, and watershed and stream enhancement.


Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation works with environmental specialists, watershed researchers, and educators to instill values of conservation and resource management in the Santa Rosa watershed region which includes the city and surrounding areas of Santa Rosa.


Rebuild NorthBay Foundation and its initiative After the Fire are committed to the long-term rebuilding after disasters in the American West. They work with a wide spectrum of citizens, public officials, and organizations to help our communities in times of need while uniting groups together to recover, rebuild their lives, now and into the future.

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Greenbelt Alliance leverages expertise in land-use policy advocacy and regional collaboration to realize a climate-resilient Bay Area. By connecting open spaces in new and powerful ways the climate can suffer less and recover quicker after the next wildfire, flood, or drought, thanks to equitable solutions drawing on the powerful role of nature.


LandSmart is an organization that assists with conservation efforts in riparian areas, and for private landowners who wish to improve their focus on responsible land management to address the risk of disasters and improve economic opportunities for communities in our region.


EB Alive is a consultancy bringing the idea of living systems to the world of timber. These forestry experts work with investors and new landowners through conservation and infrastructure considerations.


The Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group has worked for over fifteen years to bring Sonoma County landowners and natural resource managers opportunities in challenging land and forest management. Landowners have been coming together to discuss our forests’ most challenging issues, from lack of active management to recovery from catastrophic wildfire.

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Sonoma Land Trust works to acquire land into a trustor easement and protect it with science-based ecological management to encourage biodiversity, resiliency to climatic impacts, and to conserve natural ecosystems.

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Fire Safe Councils are collections of neighborhood units or landowners who collaborate to reduce the risk, impact, and improve resiliency to wildfire. 

Fire Safe Sonoma is a nonprofit whose mission is to increase awareness of wildfire issues in our county and help local residents and firefighting agencies to achieve improved wildfire safety. Since 1998, Fire Safe Sonoma has been educating residents about wildfire prevention and safety. Fire Safe Sonoma acts as a liaison between local communities and agencies, seeking and managing grant funding for wildfire related projects.

Calistoga, Diamond Mountain, and the Friends of the Mark West Watershed are Fire Safe Councils in our partnership group.  As we align with landowners and organizations, more FSCs will be listed here as collaborative partnerships.


The California State Parks service and state park rangers have a vested interest in working with Taking Action for Living Systems.  Bothe-Napa Valley State Park lies within the conceptual boundaries for the Diamond Mountain - Mark West NEC and we are working closely with the parks and recreational department to form working partnerships to enhance conservation efforts that the public can enjoy in our beautiful region north of the San Francisco Bay.  Not only in Sonoma County, but also in the surrounding areas.

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